For the first time in Central Asia the holographic theater "Amir Temur" was presented

The Youth Creativity Palace in Tashkent, in partnership with the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the Hologram World Theater, presented the first Central Asian holographic theater, called "Amir Temur." Based on new technologies, a holographic historical play about the life and activity of the great statesman and commander Amir Temur was directed by the Sanjar Matkarimov. Talented actor Rahimjon Dosanov played the role of Amir Temur in the play and Rano Shodieva, the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan played the role of Bibikhonim.

This holographic theater aims to support the implementation of the first initiative of the five Presidential Initiatives, to increase the interest of youth in music, painting, literature, theater and other arts.

The additional effects of the holographic theater show 'Amir Temur' have opened up unlimited possibilities for delivering theatrical content to the audience. The presentation brings new media capabilities, but also serves to instill a sense of patriotism in the minds of young people, as well as increase interest in our rich cultural history.