Announced competition of social videos on theme of youth! The main prize is 10 million sum

In order to encourage authors of social clips promoting the state youth policy, a contest of social clips is announced.

In the competition held by the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the Youth Media Center, the winners will be determined in five nominations:

1) Innovative ideas and increase of intellectual potential;

2) Development of youth entrepreneurship and employment assistance;

3) Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and mass sports;

4) Fighting crime, drug addiction and other negative influences;

5) "This is my Uzbekistan."

In each direction, the holders of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are determined and awarded. The prize of the first place is 5 million sums, the second place - 3 million sums, the third place - 2 million sums and the incentive prize - 1 million sums.

By the decision of the jury, one video presented in one of five nominations will be declared the absolute winner, and the author will receive 10 million sums.

Materials will be accepted at the Youth Creativity Palace until December 24, 2018. All videos that were filmed in 2018 on relevant topics are allowed to participate in the competition.