The soldiers were tested

Serving in the army, protecting the country as a soldier is a dream of every young man. One of the most important tasks of each child is to love the country, to glorify it, to protect its borders, to elevate its honor and dignity.

The Central Intelligence Agency and the Regional Command of the South-Western Military Forces held an intellectual game "Tafakkur" on the 14th of January in honor of Motherland Defenders Day in the "Yoshlar" Center in Karshi.

Servicemen from the 13 military units of the provinces took part in the exercise and tested their military, political and secular knowledge.

According to the results of the contest, the first place was awarded to the 521rd mobility reserve troops, the second to 86729 military units, the 3rd to 7533 military personnel. The winners were presented with gifts and memorable gifts from the Regional Council.