The pupils have chosen the right way through the execution roles of the defendant, accused and prosecutor

In honor of the 26th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan in all towns and districts of Khorezm region a propaganda month under the slogan "The Constitution - a solid legal basis of development".

Today, within the scope of the promotional offer, the "Judicial and Youth" meeting was organized.

The trial was held in the building of the Yangiariq criminal court.

The project was held in an unconventional way, avoiding reports, advocacy, and explanations. First of all, the participants were chosen to play the role of defendant, defendant and defendant. Based on their mission, they showed their peers performance.

- While playing the role of a defendant, I imagine atmosphere which was watched in some movies: a dark room, a cold grid, a black wall. I did my best to bow my head before my peers who were proud. I do not know if the criminal burden would be so great. After the show, I promised myself that I would never commit a crime, and that I would not step into the curve, "said reader Khushnud Ruziyev.

- For the first time in the "Judicial and youth" match. At the trial, I was given the role of a prosecutor. This event was held in an unusual way, which is very interesting and appealing. If such meetings are organized more often, we would have more knowledge about the judicial system, "said Shohruh Khudoyberganov.
The month of adventure continues along the Khorezm region.